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This section is dedicated to the brave men and women who served during World War II.
We plan on covering the entire war from Pearl Harbor to the Occupation of Japan.
We are looking for stories and photos from any WWII Marines. Please if you have any
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On a personal note. It was the image of the Flag Raising on Surabachi during
the battle for Iwo Jima that prompted me to join the Marine Corps in the early 60's.
Because of my age I wasn't able to actually enlist until 1968. But that photograpgh by
Joe Rosenthal sealed the deal for me. It spoke volumes about what America was
all about. Especially during WWII. The courage,
determination, the Patriotism that many felt was all captured in that one searing photo.
And it awakened me, like many others of the role the US Marines played during WWII.
I wanted to be part of that brotherhood in the worse way. Those men raising that flag
on that mountain for all the world to see was bigger than the act itself.
It showed the evil forces of the world that the United States of America
will never back down from tyranny and terror. That we will fight you and
destroy you until you are no more. So Help Us God.

The Map

RED BEACH Digging In

Scaling Surabachi with Flag in Hand.

The 1st Flag Raising

The First Flag comes down while the Bigger 2nd Flag goes up.

The photo. The Image Of Our Corps.

The posing after the Flag Raising

Old Glory Flying High for the men on the beach.
Inspiration comes in many forms. The site of our flag
flying so high above the battle field lifted many men's spirits.

Like all WWII battles, there was a heavy price to pay.
Iwo was no different.

Supplies on the beach

Looks like a good place to seek shelter.

Mass on the Isalnd of Death

Wounded on the Beach

Carrying the wounded back to the beach

Casualties of war

"It's ok Mac, your going home now."

These Marines are going home too...as heroes.
Semper Fi

Captured Japanese Flag

Below are links to stories about Iwo Jima and Medal Of Honor Winners
Medal Of Honor Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima Stories

Alan Bishop USMC WIA Okinawa WWII

Don and Alan Bishop USMC WWII Vets 1st Marine Divsion

Alan Bishop served with Ernie Pyle during Ernie's last patrol.

Don Bishop USMC WWII Vet 1st Marine Divsion

Don Bishop USMC Cape Gloucester New Britian

Don Bishop (3rd from right) USMC WWII Vets Chelsea Naval Hospital

Don Bishop (3rd from right) USMC WWII Vets Chelsea Naval Hospital

Don Bishop (6th from right) USMC WWII Vets Chelsea Naval Hospital

Don Bishop USMC WWII Vet Papers

Don Bishop USMC WWII Silver Star Recommendation

Don Bishop USMC WWII Recommendation *Note bullet hole upper middle right

Don Bishop USMC USO Dance (1sr Marine on right)

Maj.Gen W.H. Rupertus USMC WWII on Cape Gloucester

Thank you McGrail family

Bill McGrail (center) in China Pre-WWII

Marine McGrail with local

Bill McGrail looking good and thinking about home.

Read Jerry McConnell's book on the Battle of Guadalcanal.

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